Our vision is to create a metaverse guild that spans multiple games and communities. Badass Ape Guild is not just a PFP project. Each Badass Ape doubles as a guild membership card. Badass Ape Guild's footprints will be all over the metaverse, and you are the founders of Badass Ape Guild. Badass Ape Guild contains a total of 3333 Genesis NFTs.

Each Badass Ape is unique and programmatically generated from over 100 traits, including hats, expressions, outfits, etc.

For each Badass Ape, we have carefully produced a picture with a resolution of up to 2048x2048. We guarantee that this is the most beautiful Ape avatar ever.

Ownership includes your Ape's creative and commercial rights.

Phase 1 :
Purchase a piece of land in metaverse.
Phase 2 :
Build a guildhall in the metaverse.
Only Badass Ape holders are allowed to enter the guildhall.
Phase 3 :
Release the guild mission system.
Carry out cooperation with multiple games and metaverses.
Only Badass Ape holders are eligible to undertake tasks and receive rewards.
Phase 4 :
Next generation? Token? It depends on the decision of all Badass Ape holders.